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Life Drawing practice at Sinag Art Space with our model Mr D I C K
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Life Drawing Session
(Beginners to advance welcome)
$ 250 per session

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One of the reasons why we practice with the human figure is because it has so much to offer. Learning to master the figure is about more than just shapes and muscles and bones. It is about movement, weight, balance, and tension. The experience of drawing models helps in the process of training the eye, especially in terms of gauging proportion, line and form.

Sinag Life Drawing Practice every TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY evening 7:30-9pm. Beginners to advance welcome.

- Basic materials include; A3 80 gms paper, pencil, pastel, board as well as easel.  

- You can also bring your own materials/sketchbook. 
- Model provided

Please note the confirmation deadline is one day prior to the event

Date :              Every Tuesday or Wednesday
Time :             19:30 - 21:00                       

Facilitator:      Debra Morris (artist) / Vianee Fernie (artist)       

Language :     English

Fee:                  $250/ (duration 1.5 hours)

Venue :           Sinag Art Space
Address :       No. 5 Wang Long Village Yung Shue Wan

                       Lamma Island Hong Kong

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