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Vianee Fernie

Owner, Artist

A mother of three boys, Filipino multidisciplinary artist, singer songwriter who lives in Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Loves to collaborate and is hungry to create.

Vianee left the Philippines in the early 1990 to work as a musician in Shenyang, China where she met her husband. She then moved to Hong Kong 1995, and has been a resident of Lamma Island for almost twenty five years and considers the Island as her home.

Most of her works talks about her “RIPPLE” effect, her personal life trajectory. Using the multi media approach; creating video, sculpture and sound installation to talk about the nature of her identity as a Filipino living abroad. Her attempt to connect and achieve harmony in the place she now calls home. She loves talking about self care, mindfulness so her series of “Feeling Blue '' are a series of works that is an inquiry on how do we calmy go through mindfulness? Aligning to the work entitled “Cascade and Loops” depicting psychological state and mindfulness which are expressions she carries during the balancing of her life, being a mother, a wife, a student, her career path lastly making sure her universe is healthy and strong, as challenges come and go. Vianee welcomes you to her dark poems, perspective of anxiety, struggles and lastly ACCEPTANCE. Depicting life turbulence, twists and the struggles on how to turn chaotic minds back to calm.


Vianee Fernie
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